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Merkezi Sinir Sistemi Tümörleri/Sfenopalatine Nevralji

Vikikitap, özgür kütüphane

Sphenopalatine Neuralgia

  • Rare craniofacial pain syndrome, also known as Sluder's Neuralgia
  • Characterized by unilateral pain in the orbit, mouth, nose, and posterior mastoid process.
  • Also associated increased autonomic activity resulting in ipsilateral nasal drainage, eye irritation, and lacrimation
  • May be caused by irritation of the pterygopalatine ganglion, possibly secondary to infection
  • Typically female 2:1 male predominance

  • Pittsburgh; 1997 PMID 9285614 -- "Stereotactic radiosurgical treatment of sphenopalatine neuralgia. Case report." (Pollock BE, J Neurosurg. 1997 Sep;87(3):450-3.)
    • Case report. SRS 45 Gy to 50% isodose line. Pain free x8 months
    • Recurrence 50% pain at 17 months, retreated with 40 Gy to 50% isodose line, and pain-free at 7 month follow-up