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Son yorum: LR0725 tarafından 5 ay önce Thanks for looking at here başlığına

Thanks for looking at here


Thanks for blocking that IP, there's a very tiny amount of active users and a zero amount of active sysops exists so this place is very weak to warring with vandals. RuzDD (mesaj) 16.48, 28 Ocak 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla

RuzDD Thanks. If you need any help, please report to m:GSR. LR0725 (mesaj) 17.14, 28 Ocak 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
@LR0725 Thanks for deleting pages, but you have not seen Bayern Kapitalanlagen in that list because an IP user deletes that template without a reason (i have readded it 2 times). If you can delete that page (because it's not Turkish), it'll be even better. RuzDD (mesaj) 17.30, 29 Ocak 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
RuzDD Done. Thanks for report. LR0725 (mesaj) 05.27, 30 Ocak 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
Hello again, i want to ask a thing. In this wiki sometimes i find unsuitable pages, but i cannot tag they with speedy deletion request because this wiki does not have a deletion policy. If you look at Vikikitap:Silme politikası, you'll see this page is deleted by Vito Genovese with the reason "a policy that made without consensus". I can create a discussion for creating a deletion policy in village pump, but i don't want to do that because i think i will not get answers or get very few answers because there's very few active users. So, i can mark pages as "must be deleted quickly" only if they are very obviously very unsuitable (for example, wrong language or blanked by author/created blank). I cannot mark they with only reasons like "spam", "not in a book format", or etc. I also cannot start a discussion for deletion because there's not a page like "deletion discussions". What can i do? RuzDD (mesaj) 00.07, 31 Ocak 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
Maybe deletion requests page should be made first... LR0725 (mesaj) 03.16, 31 Ocak 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
Is creating that deletion discussions page without discussion will be fair? Also, is silence can be considered as consensus while creating policies? For example, can i ask to the village pump for a policy proposal, and after a few days mark that policy as "valid policy" if no one answers it? RuzDD (mesaj) 03.38, 31 Ocak 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
@LR0725 pinging because i think you missed my message, sorry if you're busy... RuzDD (mesaj) 14.00, 2 Şubat 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
RuzDD Oh, I missed this! Sorry.
I think former one is generally yes. Maybe you can collect opinion at village pump page, instead of making independent deletion discussion page.
Latter one is quite not sure. It depends on size and number of active members of local community. If there is really "nobody" at local community, making new valid policy could be almost impossible. If there are some active members, ping them for opinion. LR0725 (mesaj) 14.40, 2 Şubat 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
There's literally nobody except few users who are only a little bit activeish (not very active always), but that's undeniable: there's not enough policy and that brokes mechanism. When i'm ready, i will create in-discussion policies and ping all of the little bit activeish users for opinion. RuzDD (mesaj) 14.55, 2 Şubat 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla
It's nice. LR0725 (mesaj) 15.02, 2 Şubat 2024 (UTC)Yanıtla