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Welcome to my user page. I have been an editor in several Wikimedia Projects since 2011. In real life, I provide with technical support for hardware, and I have also served as independent journalist. My main interests are Theology, cryptography, and Nintendo consoles and videogames. My hobbies include photography and fiction writing.


At Wikimania 2014

Wikimania 2013

I attended to Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong thanks to a scholarship given by the Wikimedia Foundation. This was my first chance to meet other Wikimedians in person. This was also a great opportunity to learn better ways of contributing to the projects, both online and offline. This conference was my starting point to work in my own country, and also to find better ways to help by doing edits with bots.

I was so happy about this, I helped translating a lot of the information in its wiki page.

Wikimania 2014

I attended to Wikimania 2014 in London with the same type of scholarship. This time, I was able to speak with a lot more people in person, and attended to many lectures. I even submitted my own presentation, Free knowledge, free software, free cryptography user, but it was rejected.

Still, a great opportunity arisen by my time there, as I was interviewed by Victor Grigas on my interests of using strong cryptography and journalism. This interview was released as For freedom of information in the Wikimedia Blog.

I tried to make a PGP key signing party, but we couldn't pull it up completely. I might try again in the future.

Wikimania 2016

I had the chance to attend to Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario thanks to the scholarship, but alas I was retained and couldn't make it. Still, I contributed with several translations in this conference wiki.

Wikimedians of Costa Rica

I have helped on the process of stablishing a Wikimedia User Group in my own country, although it has been a very hard work, and it is very difficult to find a real commitment. Still, we are able to meet up as Wikimedians of Costa Rica to discuss our plans, we celebrated Wikipedia 15, and we were part of wikifemhackcr.


I was invited to Iberoconf 2014 in Buenos Aires as a guest from Wikimedians of Costa Rica. In here, I met many other offline contributors who speak my own language, and who have common interests to promote the Wikimedia Projects. This was a great opportunity to learn of better ways to encourage Wikimedians from my own country.

During my time there, I was also able to take part in the photo contest Wiki Tour Argentina 2014 by Wikimedia Argentina.


I have operated a couple of bots, mostly for minor edits and maintenance. There are more details in their user pages.


Among several type of edits, including minor corrections and countervandalism, I have made several articles, some of these as translations of already existing articles.


Wikimedia Commons

I have helped reviewing the copyright status of multimedia being uploaded for the projects, and I have uploaded myself files released to the public domain or under free licences in other websites; but I have also uploaded original files and photos myself.

There are a some galleries where you can my find original contributions.

Galleries (by type)

Galleries (by location)


I have contributed with a lot of translations of news articles, with some reports I found in other news websites, and with a few original reports.

I also suggested to enable the option of editing via open proxy on Spanish Wikinews, but it needs more support.



My main interest in this project is its quality and maintenance, so I tried to work mostly with a bot. Still, I have a made a few entries myself.


Wikimedia Incubator

This is where Spanish Wikivoyage started, and my first contributions to that project actually started in here. I used this opportunity to request to start testing Spanish Wikivoyage, and I helped guiding other editors to the proper steps to eventually having this project quickly released.


I helped to promote the creation of Spanish Wikivoyage with many other supporters, one of those being Patricio Lorente.



My main interest is to include quotes of people I admire. I have also helped with minor edits made with bots.


Wikimedia Meta-Wiki

Among a few other types of edits, my main contributions have been dedicated to the translation of the Tech News.

Wikimedia Outreach

I feel this project represents a great source to promote the main Wikimedia Projects. It would be great if we can translate all there material in there.



My main interest is making available some of the laws from my own country.



I mostly helped by using bots, but I also made some other more personal contributions.



I like bots, but I'm not a progammer or anything like that, I just use Pywikibot and that's it. Still, I have made some translations to the MediaWiki documentation.


I have made new items, in many occasions to expand other items.