Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Hızlı modelleme: Revizyonlar arasındaki fark

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== Edit Mode ==
[[Image:Object-edit_mode.JPG|right|thumb|Object (Nesne) Mode button(Modu) düğmesi.]]
Right now you're in what's known as '''Object Mode''' (nesne modu) olarak bilinen yerdesiniz. In ''Object Mode'' you can move the cube around the 3D environment in relation to other objects. With the cube selected, hit '''TAB'''. This puts you in what's known as '''Edit(Düzenleme) ModeModu'''.
'''''NoteNot:''' if instead of the cube you've selected the lamp or the camera, you won't be able to go into ''Edit Mode'' (Cameras and Lamps are edited differently).''
In ''Edit Mode'', you can change the shape and size of the cube. You could turn the cube into a puppy… or at least some day you'll be able to.


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